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 - Boom Merchant


2013 has been a frantic year for Boom Merchant; from releasing a series of hard-hitting EPs over the course of the year, to launching the Tribal Pulse imprint this Summer, to taking the label to the largest Dance music event in the world; the Amsterdam Dance Event.The Boom Merchant sound, although difficult to categorize, has been well received by DJs across the electronic music spectrum. Tracks like 'Origins', 'Temujin' and the forthcoming 'Tokyo Skyline' are brimming with atmosphere, depth and colour. His tracks blend layered melodic elements and complex percussion programming, and have attracted the attention of some elite names in house and techno music, receiving remix treatment from Dave Seaman and Pole Folder among others.His sets are crafted with feeling and care and his use of vinyl in an age where the sync button is standard goes against the grain. Fresh records, futuristic sounds and original material are combined to make something truly unique. His ability to really work a crowd and to pick 'that' record generate a delirious reaction time and time again.More music is on the menu for 2014. When asked in a recent interview what to expect from his set, his answer was simple: 'Expect psychedelic madness'.