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Victor Ezcurdia (AKA Vazik) is one of the best known and respected DJ´s in the electronic music scene in Mexico. Always close to music, he has now been Djing for nearly fifteen years. His presence is essential at the best parties and festivals held all over México and he is constantly required at the best open air events and finest clubs all over the world since some time now.As label head of the Sounds of Earth organization (, he hasn’t just organized great indoor and outdoor events in the México City area but has achieved to create the most solid and important Mexican electronic music artists roster / agency. His talent has taken him to play around the world. About international festivals, it’s clear that no other Mexican DJ has ever gone so far. He is the Mexican DJ with the most international exposure and recognition since some time now. His technique and charisma have been officially renowned; on 2003 he was recognized as the “Best Dj of the Year” in Mexico. He is nominee again in 2011.Vazik has released several tracks on different labels around the world. He is constantly working in the studio on its own tracks and collaborations. Since 2007, Vazik is also busy running his own digital label “Sounds of Earth Records” which is having a very good response over the world with their releases and compilations. He is responsible of “Moving Forward” compilations, delivering some of the best tunes coming not only from Mexico but from around the world.Vazik is deep into music; he definitely believes on its power and he will always try to express it when he is behind the decks. If you ever have any chance to listen to him, don’t think it twice, you will not regret!