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 - Ari El


Ari El is all around artist you might catch him recording vocals, working on a remix, producing or rocking the dance floor with his unique Techno Minimal Tech house sound.Ari El is known to get you hooked from the first few minutes of listening to the sound of his hypnotic dirty driven sound. He is currently residing in the city of Atlanta and has been holding down a residency for three years @ Odyssey Parties and still going strong.Ari El is one of those artists that is known to take you on a mind journey and make you move nonstop all at the same time . He had also had the pleasure to share the booth with artist such as Victor Calderone, John Gaiser, Paco Osuna, Reset Robot, Satoshi Tomie, Mind Control and Butane. A few years back he has teamed with Atlanta own talented Dj Producer George Lukin and together they have been producing original tunes that have been played all over globe in the last few years and still plenty in the works to come to a label near you. If there was a simple way to describe Ari El, I would definitely call him The Music Maker. Expect a lot of great new things to come from this talented artist he is full of surprises.