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Aitor Wilzig starts his interest in electronic music with just 14 years old... With 16 years old, he starts making his own tracks, learning with the international Dj and Producer Paco Buggin... At this moment, he discovered Deep House world, a style that marked his musical career... and begins producing mainlyDeep House, old Classic House and Funky House... With 20 years old, begins to feel interest in the world of deejaying, mixing Deep House and Progressive House... At 21, he study an electronic music production master, with renowned Dj and Producer, J.Velarde, one of the oldest House producers from Spain, where he perfects his technique... At this moment, he begins producing with Dj Pombo, resident Dj of the legendary Club Arena, Madrid. Thanks to his musical quality, Aitor Wilzig has produced for labels such as Peaceman Music, with his remix "Live for Today" and "La La Land" of Sir Ivan, electro pop artist Top 10 ranked in Billboard Top. Bedroom Muzik Miami, label where h e have been top 1 sales of the record label for 3 months, and others like Mojear Records, Infinitymind Productions or Whiteisland Recordings... At this moment, with 27 years old, Aitor Wilzig's style is mainly Deep House and some Tech House with deep and funky sounds... Always showing an air of elegance and class in his sets, always with special interest in keeping the musical quality. Aitor has shared decks with people such as Franco Cinelli, Paco Buggin, Papol, Karim Haas, and others… Right now, he is one of the founders and top exponents of Roomba Underground Colective, that makes one of the biggest Rave and Warehouse parties in Madrid, Spain, followed by thousands of people... In 2012, Aitor opened Roomba Records, the label where he is the Manager and A.R. where you can find top class Deep House, and some Tech House with deep sounds.


Tech-house 2013 - 100 Tracks Vol. 2
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