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  • Release Date 2015-02-16
  • Label Rejekt Music
  • Catalog RJKT009
Selected Feedback & Support ::::::
Groove Armada: "This is pure acid heaven" :::: Teifschwarz (Ali): "Thank you guys.. i really like it"
Jnr Rodriguez: "Fat grooves! Loving Under acid!" :::: Tensnake: "Loving Under Acid"
Basti More: "Excellent tracks man Big support to ya and thnx" :::: Anderson Noise: "I Like it, Thanks"

Plays and Support:
Hector Cuto, Maceo Plex, Steve Lawler, Amine Edge, Roger Sanchez , Dan Ghenacia, Harri & Domenic, Danitez Saunderson, Butch, Luigi Madonna, Maxxi Soundsystem, Jonahn Stone (Techno Iceland), Krysko (whp), Lex Luca, Chris Halliday (Ketoloco), Johnny L (Kiss FM Australia), Kon Up, Da Lukas, Gabriele Gilleri (Different Groove), Elio Stereo, Al Bradley (3am), Jaime Le Mier (Defected), Brett Kydd (Blast 106 FM), Le Brion (Nervous Recordings), Louk (ADSR Records), Neil Moore (Radio 1)::

Part 1 in a series of EP's from their forthcoming 7.5 Years of rEJEKT double album and mix compilation:

Track 1 - rEJEKTS - Under Acid (Original Mix):
Under Acid is as Tom Findlay from Groove Armada calls it "Pure Acid Heaven"! A stripped back 303 bassline driven track that wear's a gun belt around it's knee's. Skirting the line between House and Techno it's a slab of tripped out hypnotic funk. A sleek and sophisticated take on the original Trax Records sound eminating from Chicago in the late 80's:

Track 2 - rEJEKTS - White Lines (Original Mix):
A track made for big sound systems. You will struggle to feel the full impact of a track like this on your PC speakers or home stereo. Stripped down to its bare bones with little more than a throbbing rumbling bassline, subtle haunting vocals and disorientating sonic hits. It's a complex piece of music made to sound remarkably simple. PLAY IT VERY LOUD PLEASE!

Track 3 - rEJEKTS - oKiL:
An all out dancefloor track no mistakin. As someone famously once said "If this don't make your booty move your booty must be dead"! No nonsense, heads down, four to the floor Techno. A club banger. A simple but effective off beat bassline with a complimenting saw synth which drives the track along accompanied by brooding and rising futuristic melodies keeping the senses excited as your body jerks uncontrollably as the disco freak inside you tries to get out.

Call it whatever you like! Techno, Tech House, Stripped Back, Minimal. Just play it loud! for interviews and guest mix requests:

Latest episode in the rejekt music podcast

Also available from iTunes, Podomatic and Mixcloud. See homepage for links

rEJEKTS :::::::::::::::::::::::::

Please enjoy irresponsibly!

A brief history of rEJEKTS . . . . .
rEJEKTS is as much a call to arms as it is a vessel for releasing our music. We call upon you to become activists in the fight against conformity, banality and the downright mundane! We rEJEKT doing it for the cash! We're doing in for the Kicks, the Snares and the Hi Hats! Don't get us wrong we are lefties but we're not full on communists! We just prefer to put art and integrity above all! Variety and diversity is good! Music from the soul no matter what genre is amazing and truly is the sound of love. Churned out, formulaic dance music and obvious synth lines however is not! It's just lazy!! Try to do something amazing and from the heart or quite frankly just F**K OFF!!

As abrupt as that sounds! We actually pride ourselves on being friendly, open minded, warm, caring people. We try to portray a message of peace and love and elevation of one's self through everything we do. Dig deeper, try harder, rejekt your first attempt, your second, your third and fourth attempt! Rejekt your 34th attempt until you know deep down inside the project is perfect!

The world may rejekt you but we never will. No matter who you are, what you are or what music you like. A great atmosphere will overcome all obstacles and creating great music for amazing parties is what we live for! If you, like us, spend out most of your time in clubs then you too have been quietly ejected from polite society! Discos are the only place that will have us now! Come join us, we are the rEJEKTS.

We rejekt violence, racism, ignorance, elitism, bigotry, misogyny and any kind of bully! We rejekt too cool for school! We embrace too fool for school! I didn't come to this party to stand against the wall and look at my phone! I came here to cut loose, get lost in music and dance like its 2099!

We are the pilot light that burns bright throughout the night. When it comes to the music then we couldn't be more serious. We don't need everyone to like our music. We just have to love our own music and like all things in life! Dedicate yourself wholeheartedly to something and you can never really fail! We have a sound and a standard of quality that means we do not release nearly as many tracks as some other producers but we're okay with that! We make music for film and sound designs for sample CDs and when we feel the vibe we make tracks and sometimes we throw parties.

Alongside our own rEJEKT Music imprint our productions have also been released on Dirtybird, Ohm, Exun, Maintain Replay, Peep Show and Correspondent Recordings.

The rEJEKT founding members met in Manchester's music scene in 2005.
-- Mark Ashworth (Keyboard Player, Web Junkie, Nocturnal Animal)
-- Iain Taylor (DJ / Music Enthusiast / Vinyl Junkie)
Mark has also been playing in bands and dancing in warehouses since the late 80's.
Iain started as a DJ at the Legendary Hacienda in Manchester in the early 90's and has since held residencies with acid house institutions like Tribal Gathering, Sankeys Soap, Back To Basics, The Zoo Project and Space Ibiza.

We started this thing but we don't own it. The idea is out there now for anyone to sample, the door is always open and we're always open to reinterpretation, let the creativity flow as ththe family grows, people come and people go, some have been with us since the beginning and others are only just waking up to our sound and our ethos!

You too can join us. Just say to yourself "I don't always fit in, I don't always want to fit in, I only seek my own approval, I want to shake off the shackles of modern society, to live in this one moment with all my soul and dance all night like that very soul depends on it.

Much Love from Planet rEJEKT