Semitoo, real name Patrick John, is a german producer based in Mallorca (Spain) and startet his career as a producer for different music projects in 1997. Since 2013, the Majorcan by choice has regularly released songs as Semitoo, that constantly could be found in the upper regions of the DJ- and Dance-Charts. By firing release after release, incl. collaborations with Klaas, Marc Korn, Crystal Rock, Empyre One, Moodygee etc., he has already accumulated more than 20 million streams only on Spotify, got featured on Europe’s biggest dance editorial playlist MainStage for months with his collab "Monster" (w/ Marc Korn & Phil Praise), his music was a fixed component of successful compilations such as Future Trance, Dream Dance, Club Fete, Club Sounds etc. over years and released music on labels like Dance Magic

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