Adam Vox

Adam was born in Milan in 1978 and for more than 15 years he's been involved in all kinds of electronic tendencies. He debuted as vocalist at the Astoria Club in Milan (Italy) in April 2004, followed a few months later by some prestigiousclubs located in the City Center, including La Banque and Bassmati.After having lent his voice to a couple of discoteques in Rome (La Maison, The Loft), he continued to collaborate with various artists on the Milan scene (2005- 2006).In 2006, the big leap to Barcelona. After 2 years of preparation, in 2008 he began working sporadically with local DJs at several parties. However, this period gained in importance as it constituted an embrional state of the soon- to-be-born Hypnotika Events. In 2010, the turning point came through


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