Marie Nyx

As one of the premier DJs in Los Angeles, Marie Nyx has an unmatched ability to adapt to the wants and needs of any dance floor without sacrificing her infectious, apparitional style by piecing together music of all genres with instinctual precision. Pre-quarantine Marie was mesmerizing hearts and minds at notable bookings such as the Mixmag Lab LA, Clinic Wednesdays, Minimal Effort, and a few of LA’s longest running undergrounds. Over quarantine Marie proliferated her esoteric sonic identity to an even larger audience, enchanting the airwaves of Twitch through mainstay channels like Abracadabra, Sian’s Octopus Recordings, and Desert Hearts TV where she played for upwards of 15,000 viewers at a time and hosted her mystifying affair, Nyx @ Nite on several occasions. Now the world is returning from the darkness, and Marie’s drive to

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