Lola Villa

Lola Villa (Bogotá, Colombia) is an intersectional artist and activist exploring different aspects of the human experience through sound and visuals. She’s an electronic music composer and DJ. When playing, she invokes landscapes, animals, and rituals of her homeland, Colombia, along with many places she’s lived in. As a producer and a true 80s child, Lola composes hypnotizing rhythms with folkloric and synth elements. Her biggest sources of inspiration are big cities as well as the Amazon rainforest––at both edges of the spectrum, she finds a whole plethora of sounds and vibrations as well as a sense of community and synergy. She’s a vivid advocate of radical inclusion and environmental responsibility in the music industry. She's an active member of DJs for Climate Action. Her philosophy: dance music needs disruption, it needs poetry, and it needs people who

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