GIDEÖN has a background in music spanning 30 years. In addition to his practice as a recording artist, stage designer, and curator, he is a touring DJ and an avid collector of vinyl. Since his first set of turntables in 1990, GIDEÖN has devoted his life to collecting vinyl from the US, Jamaica, Latin America, Africa, and the UK. He specialises in Northern Soul, Latin, Reggae, Gospel, and Disco rarities. House Music, above all, is his first and greatest love. He has a degree in Music with Visual Practice (BA Hons) and is currently guest Creative Director of Music for London Borough of Culture 2022. GIDEÖN co-founded, co-created and curates Block9’s festival nightlife institutions at Glastonbury: NYC Downlow, Genosys, Maceo’s, and IICON. GIDEÖN is also resident and co-booker at London’s hottest

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