Ali Bundakji known as "Boondok" is a Record producer and Songwriter Raised in the city of Westminster in Orange County, Southern California. His contributions to music stem from all kinds of different styles and genre's, with an emphasis on Dance music, soul and HipHop. Contributing to a wide variety of genres at a young age, Ali had started Producing Records and writing Music at the age of 14. Today Ali is known as The LA based Dance/House/Left-field Bass music producer "BOONDOK" but is also a renown Mastering Engineer with the LA based mix and mastering service "Elastic Audio LA" (@ElasticAudioLA) with his mix engineering partner Tanner Munn (aka Morelia/Mannequin). Together this duo also operate an LA Based Record label called "Elastic Rhythms" with a focus on Footwork & Jungle music.

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