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 - Roger Cadiz


Music always has been a big influence in my live. It was a dream to make a living out of music. Later in time it became a personel journey in developing myself as a human and as an artist. There are several artists who have a big influence on me. You can think of artists like; Prince, Bjork, Kate Bush, Mj, Sia, Beatles, Elvis, David Bowie, Counting Crows, Bob Marley, Hendrix, Pharrel, Snoop, Guru, Arrested development, Q-tip, Method Man, John Mayer, John Tejada, Gabriel Ananda, Stimming ,Street artists and many more to mention. In 2002 I started Producing/DJing under the name of Catch-R. This was a periode of searching for my own style, discovering my skills and looking for direction to go to. 2010 is the year a renewed Roger Cadiz stands up. I have started to do the things that really suits me. Therefor I am very motivated and enthusiastic to bring my new sounds. My background is hiphop and oldskool, so you will here some of these styles in my later work. This time the pieces of my musical journey are all coming together. I am combining my love for instruments and electronic music. I'm making a lot of styles, trying to make music with no boundries or compensations. It might be a little out of the box, but still approachable.


Trance Top 100
Nitro, Glycerine, Noel Gitman, L4M, Fortuna, Casus, Fanatic Emotions, Indecent Noise, Oen Bearen, Gino Windster, Dream Surface, Holger Hoja, Sanderland, Joe Largo, Bent Killer, Jimmy-g, Michael W, DJ T.H., DJ Donito, Blue Tente, Alex Daf, Iversoon, Future Sound System, Miss D, Various Artists, Milos Ilic, Super Ringtones, David Mayne, Benjamin Storm, Gianni Paradiso Dj, Paw Luk, Dave Nadz, LeBlanc, Buran B, Dave Moor, Paralytic, Iprana, Moreno Dainese, Robin Hagglund, Elmadon, Morice Philipe, Seresir, Jpm, Sens, Marfik, Gabriel Miller, Audrey Valorzi, Johan Korg, Damien Malizza, Fabietto Jeffterry, DJ Siki, Skomaeniac, Cedric Llense, DLM, 3tonfarbe, Jay-c Richards, George Martinos, Mindrunner, Shinouda, DJ Karko, Select One, Frozen Skies, Libra, Dj Deanco, DJ Emeriq, Eirik C, Bluesolar, The Andychrist, F.b.alex, Planet King, Several Spirits, Sharon Fehlberg, Stuart Mc Niven, Cammel, Abandoned Rainbow, El Marítimo, Janlin, Tymek, Dmitriy Laut, Degreezero, Mode Orchestra, Marqueti, Iliuchina, Darthii, Diagnostic, Karati, George Harrold, Miss Moonlight, B. Bone, Emrah Barut, Berdone, Djmlbeatz, Tom Sawer, Slimer, Grand K., Moebius, Yuri Kay, Deftunez, Skyflash, 7 Baltic, C-matt, Mc Grisdinili, Rene Ablaze, Thyron!x, Jillian Henriques, Final-x, Drollkoppz, Noel Gitman, Spark, Halogen, Zyraplex, Alexander One, Myk Bee, Paul Trainer, Taras Bazeev, Maxim Yurin, Mino Safy, Lee Osborne, Supermario Doron, Jay-c Richards, Tosch, NRG, Kyota, Roger Cadiz, Ian Solano, Nathalie Van Rain, Cosmicspace, Cut N Glue, Lord Sonah, Progressive Thrust, Fire Line
Infractive Digital | 2012-12-07