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Cole Jonson is an exceptional Club DJ and underground house music producer. From when he was 15 years old he's been active in the dance music scene and in the 1990’s, played alongside many house pioneers for a whole host of the countries legendary club's including Peach Camden Palace, Club UK, Bagleys and Leisure Lounge but to name a few.In more recent years Cole has played at most of the top clubs around London and across the UK including a residency at London's infamous Ministry of Sound 103, with bookings for The Gallery and Nightowl. Other residencies include The Whitehouse Clapham, EGG and Pacha London.Throughout this time Cole has support and played alongside DJ’s including Jesse Voorn, Norman Jay, CJ Macintosh, Judge Jules, Ant Brookes, Gavyn Mytchel, Simon Patterson, Terry Farley, Xpress 2, Brandon Block, Alex P, Seb Fontaine, Fatboy Slim, Tony De Vit, Gareth Emery, Markus Schultz, James Jackson, Thrillseekers, Soulshakers, Matt Hardwick, Jesse James, John O Callaghan, Richard Durant, Boy George, Alex Miles, Oliver Lang, James Murray and many many others. Cole also has international experience playing in Las Vegas at the infamous pool parties at the MGM Grand and also the sensational roof top club Voodoo Lounge at the Rio, whilst also playing in Germany at LondonNights.Moving int o 2011/12, as a producer Cole has mont hly releases on labels such as Endemic Digital, Plastik Philosophy, Unrivalled Music, System Recordings, Eye Records and House of Gold Records with a mixture of single track releases, EP's and inclusions within various Compilation albums.2012 is looking very much like Cole's year so expect to hear funky beats with pumping basslines and a smattering of uplifting vocals that will whip any crowd into a house music frenzy!Cole_Jonson.jpg


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