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 - Niko Spencer


Niko Spencer was born in the Paris region, his passion for DJing started when he was 12 years old. He was strongly influenced by hip hop, dance music and later house music. Loved by the Parisian audiences, NikoSpencer didn't have to wait long before becoming a night resident in the most prestigious clubs of the French capital : le Cab, le Queenie, le Loft (Metropolis), Redlight, la Loco, le Scorp, Milliardaire...His rise didn't stop here, it led him to mix in other parts of France (Cannes, Metz, Toulouse, Barcares, Albi) then in Belgium's famous club H2O as well as in Italy. His first productions started in 2007 accompanied by DJ Eanov under the pseudonym "Freshmixture", andallowed him to be in great collaboration with Jerome Prister, ex funk American singer, whose famous hit was "Say II be". He got his first interviews on Radio FG in Antoine Baduel's Happy Hour show as well as in "SonoMag" magazine. From then on, other projects signed with Racim Amri on the label DJ center rec , such as "Like a Bitch", "Far Away" and "Shake It", were played by Bob Sinclar on Radio FG and by Maia K on Fun Radio and also compiled in Summer 2008 (Airplay/Universal) and Puissance Dancefloor 2010 (Wagram). His first solo record "Go Go Girl" was released in 2009 on the label Big Big Soundz. Thanks to the latter, he got a broadcasting and an interview on Contact Fm. He has also remixed for Mlle Eva, Michael Kaiser, Deenice, Maverickz...