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Through various attempts always , to present fresh feel that is different from the conventional DJ & Producer " Lino'Lino is a DJ in South Korea launched a formal DJ activities in 2012 , and began to name the news at home and abroad It is a DJ with a unique history , which is called a vision to show people the " magician "Generally in the past , in the experience of a multi- stage director , and then turned to Producer and DJ to feel attracted to part musicalI have let the quality of music at home and abroad stillHis play in the field , to play such as Progressive House and Electro House that can instill a strong impression and Hin Funky rhythm based on the music of HouseLive mix of his 17 going up to 40 -bit port ranked within the mix rankings until recentlyRecognized the ability abroad , and with the release in production steadily the original track of the style , such as the boundary of the music he plays as domestic DJI have informed the name on an ongoing basis to domestic@ Follow LinoOfficial Blog : http://DJLINO.krFacebook: