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 - James Barrett


James Barrett began DJing at 17 in Auckland, his hometown. Early influences range from jazz to Detroit techno, but his world eventually came to revolve around a passion for deep house.Since picking up the skills of club DJing in his home country playing his trademark sound on the circuit, James moved to London to travel the world and broaden his musical horizons. It was here that he was able to start seriously experimenting with production, almost seamlessly switching his obsession with vinyl and fader cuts to samples and VST instruments. Expanding on the early promise shown in his youth as a classically trained musician, James started to move away from a solely analog world in order to encompass the digital.Now doing the Berlin thing full time and fresh off the back of supported releases on CS Gas Records and Malle Maison, James is looking to further develop his style and reach ever wider audiences. Always fresh, always deep, James is committed to exploring that mysterious sound created when groove and melody overlap.