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Nick Karamalakis from Greece is the man behind the project 'Infinity'. As a guitar and keybord player with much enthusiasm and strong influences from the europian psychedelic music, he creates deep psy-progressive dancefloor oriented music.His debut first album 'Control Group' features nine psy- progressive trance tracks with thumping kicks, groovy rythms and deeply pushing baselines, produced with a crispy fat morning sound that takes the listener on a journey of great emotions. In this album you can find the HIT 'Car Accident' what allot of people love and talked about and also very successful tracks like 'Alcoholism' & 'Arkham City'.His second album 'Wasted Years' takes you on the journey of his life, a dance through his memory lane, his personal experiences and revelations, a much more deep and mature piece that reflects his improvements in life and musical career. It's an autobiographical trip that gives a special and private peak into his life up until today with a progressive psychedelic twist, while illustrating how profound moments in life can teach valuable lessons for the future.Infinity's productions incorporate a strong rhythmic and musical feel whilst remaining deep and stompy - a combination which gets any progressive floor moving!Infinity has made many releases which appeared in several labels like Blue Tunes, Mikrokosmos, Y.S.E., Spintwist ,Iono Music to name a few and naturally in his own record label 'Infinity-Tunes'.


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