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 - Hertzman


The real name - Andrii Sheiko. Andrew from a small town called Brovary, its near to the capital of Ukraine - Kyiv. At 15 years old Andrii showed a great interest to the electronic music, at that time in the native city only began movement approached to a techno sound. Besides Andrii showed interest to dj work and did his first steps in the computer mixing after that he found himself between real mixer and vinyl players.. At 17 years old Andriy started to work in the night clubs (under nickname Hertz) and for a short time he became the resident of the best clubs in Brovary. Andrew participated in various youth festivals, open-airs, and big events connected with underground music. After that Hertz was a main guest in all best night clubs of Ukraine. His mixes takes no limits to one music style. During the next year, Andrew continued to be at the hearing from their fans and continued falls in love with the sound of his sets and tight melodic music.When he traveled over the country, he enjoyed the opening and the characteristics of urban nightlife, that maked it possible to draw conclusions and create new flavors to match music material. The most interesting was that Hertzman never tried to limit himself to one music style, he gave the opportunity to people to enjoy from the melodic tracks and to the indefinitely monotonous bits and people liked his approach to a favorite cause! Nowadays Andrii Sheiko changed his nickname to Hertzman and tries to create new ideas in minimal-techno sphere. Hertzman is one of the youngest producers who is full of new ideas in techno land with no simplicity in his sound. Hertzman's works are interested to foreign producers and he has a lot of suggestions to release his works. The last time, Hertzman is founder of the Lethal Dose Family Labels. He still works under his “lethal dose sound”, that are more minimalistic then dark among techno...