Key Commands
 - Martin Gruen


Martin Gruen starts to hear electronic Music in the year of 2006. He was bored from the hold up house sound in Hamburg.He and his partners Dom, Florian Belmondo and Kamika had the idea to make a new Party serie who was called Frau Gorbatschowa.The Idea was to bring more minimalistic sounds in to the clubs of Hamburg.He played his first gigs in Clubs like "Rote Flora" "Hafenklang" or "Zuckerclub" in Bremen.Later Martin Gruen begann to produce his own tracks he released his first EP who was called "Schauern EP" on plastiq Records.After that he become a new contact to a new Hamburg recorded Label with the name "Cirque du minimaliste" Felix Lorusso and Ira&I makes this Label.He released his second EP which was a Hit Ep,the "BEAL EP", artist like Miss Sunshine, Tiari or Lui Urbano spend her own parts with a remix for this release.In the next time martin Gruen played more and more gigs in many different Clubs all over Germany such as Those Fundbureau, Docks, or MBIA Club in Berlin.In the year of 2013 he played in the legendary Tresor Club in Berlin.Now he is an incumbent Artist in Hamburg and play constant gigs there on Open air (Reclaim it all) or different Club Partys.With his new Partners from the Reclaim it all crew a makes many Open Air Partys with noncommercial background. Martin Gruen see always the political background round about techno music in Hamburg.And he now how important is it to show the people what is going wrong in this world!