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 - Greg Delon


Greg Delon, multi-faceted avant-garde artist is a DJ, a graphic designer, and a hardened producer. His own label WOH Lab and today "Way Of House" has experiences in Canada, Spain, Belgium, Greece, Swiss & Germany. He spent many years of being live at the mythical Barlive, a resident at Effet Mer for 4 years & being connected with the best French clubs.With his Latin culture, this house-techno DJ keeps an excessive taste for the aesthetics... from the platinums of the biggest clubs in the hexagon, to the best of the sound of past and the one who prefigures the future.«From past and present to future sound «, an original signature became positive musical energy around him. It is that which committed Greg Delon to establish WOH and to put a lot of time, and energy into the artists, their promotion and their events.His latest maxis, in house trend gained massive polularity on the international scene, in particular with Doomsday feat. Mister K, or more recently remixes of Ornette, with his friend and partner Joris Delacroix. Debut 2014, 2 new release on Way Of House and new residency in the famoust club of south of France «La Dune»...