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Frenk DJ aka Francesco Sacca' was born in Messina (Sicily) in 1983. He is an italian disc jockey and record producer. Since 2007, he is administrator and manager of "FKJ Music Records" and "Clorophilla Records" of the group "Benvenuto Edizioni Musicali”. In 2011 he also founded the record label "Noisy Darts Records” of the group "Edinet Srl". Label Manager at t he int ernat ional level, has worked with big artists of the music scene, as: Anita Ward, Imagination, Sabrina Johnston, Michelle Weeks, Dawn Tallman, Jesse Green, Wendy Lewis, Ice MC, Diva, Vivian B and many others. He began his career as professional DJ in Messina, his home town. His sound combines melody and rhythm and its selection is closely related to vocal house and electronic sounds. Various the locations in Sicily, where he participated in house events of great importance and great special guests, began performing alongside the biggest artists of this area. As a deejay, he began his artistic career, debuting in the important night clubs in Messina, the city in which he lives. Since 2001, with great enthusiasm, he began composing music as if it were a hobby, and during this period he began his artistic career as a music producer. His discography boasts, including support vinyl, CDs and digital music, about a thousand productions, produced by major record companies.