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 - Enrico Trevis


Enrico Trevis is born is Monselice a little city near Padova (Italy) on 1977 and he started to play some records at the age of ten, when his father, a former owner of a small bar in Italy brought home the consolle of the bar including the records that the dj’s played in his bar curiosity puff out. Added by influence of a television show discussing about the discothèque/bars he then understand the functions of the all the things that he had at home for playing records… From then on he started to buy some records for his own and with a support of some of his friends they sometimes organized private parties where he was doing “dj" After that in 1996 he became p.r. of a Radio Londra in Este (Padua - Italy) and later he became official Light Jockey. from then on he was always on the consolle to improve his personal skills and be professional and to master the chosen field After few months he started to play in this bar from the first half hour to being a full time dj After Radio Londra experience (5 years) he has playing from summer 2001 at Villa Selmi (Rovigo - Italy), Party Club (Rovigo - Italy) and Studio16 (Rovigo - Italy) In this bar he has improved his personal skill and experience for rocking the dancefloor playng his favourite music.Enrico Trevis is not “monogenre” dj his music set includes House music Tribal, Electro and Underground with a taste of old house music (like a jump in the past)…all this genre should be defined as “club music" Enrico Trevis is also a producer.He started in 2009 on producing music and Some of him tracks were chosen by Posh Magazine for background music for the last runway fashion show in the Philippines and in Singapore on 2010 Actually he is collaborating with various artists and labels always differents for improve his personal skills on every music genres and with his friend Marco Desto he started with a new project called "The Dockers".