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 - Aline Nunez


Aline Nunez came up on the bustling streets of Lima, Peru, where the rhythms of everyday life worked their way into his consciousness. The frantic rush of traffic, the steady pound of nightlife, the inescapable buzz of construction, even the spice of his homeland’s food— they all came together in his young mind to form a beat that would shape his musical tastes and talents. He found creative release in the creation of electronic music, which he first began crafting when his older brother gave him a turntable when he was 12 years old. Since he came to the United States in 2000, he’s never looked back.Rising as an internationally acclaimed music producer, and label owner, Aline began his music career in 2004 with his first ever EP release Recoded. His refined taste in music and amazing ability to deliver was evident, as his very first original tune was featured in many DJ sets and compilations of respected artists worldwide, including Steve Lawler, Nigel Richards, Da Funk, and Luca Ricci. Since then, Aline has released numerous records under some of the industry’s most acclaimed record labels, with Aenaria Recordings, Crossworld Records, Fever Sound Recordings, Relithium Recordings, 4In4OutMusic, Playloop and System Recordings among them. His productions have marked Beatport’s Top 100 Deep House Charts countless times and are continuously featured in international podcasts and radio shows, allowing him to reach a wide array of audiences regularly.In February 2012, he launched and began hosting his own radio show, Dub Sessions, on and is featured every first Friday of the month on the Dance Network. At the same time, he’s continuing to build his brand through his record label, Simple2nes Recordings, strengthening his presence in the dance community and expanding his dream through a genuine appreciation of House and electronic music. With over 15 years of experience as a DJ, Aline has the ability to control the dance floor with an eclectic yet elegant display of knowledge, skills, and creativity.If you’re able to catch him during one of his live shows, it becomes evident very quickly that he’s just as much a mastermind as a DJ as he is a producer. Through hard work and dedication, this Peruvian native aims to solidify his presence in the House music industry and consistently take his career to the next level with his clever ability to manipulate the dance floor and charm the ears of listeners everywhere.