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Costas Mitsopoulos (Checkor) could be described easily, with a simple phrase: "A person who loves sounds" After years of experimentation trying to make his own music, practising endless hours in front of a computer, messing with a "field" that he never really had true knowledge, but always fascinated him.Checkor in 2010 makes his debut release on "System Recordings" with a track named "Hiding My Sun" which got some XXL support from Dj Sasha. After that, he remixed artists such as: Ryan Luciano (Feel It / Light Records), Darren Flecta (Magna / Fluxus Music), Demian Jack (Holograma / Stripped Digital), dpen (The Path / Indigo Records) & others,while in the meantime his first E.P "Tears Have Turned To Snow" (System Recordings) is being released in March of 2011. Though 2011 seems to be full of 'studio time' ,Checkor had his first gig as a Dj in that time too.And hopefully there are a lot more to come. Checkor's music is supported by:Sasha, Hernan Cattaneo, Dimitri Nakov, Laurent Garnnier, Deepfunk, Dibby Dougherty, Sasha Le Monnier, Nomad In The Dark, Darren Flecta, Dpen, Yamil Colucci, Fady Ferraye, Rafa Siles, Silinder, Nick Varon, Issac, Ryan Luciano and many more.