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 - Blatancy


Born in 1989 on 5`th of March, in Pitesti/ Arges – ROMANIA, Blatancy on his real name Andrei- Alexandreu Mitrica met music even since childhood years. Big fan of electronic music genre, pop, dance and disco, Andrei was collecting audio tapes, vinils and magnetophones tapes with musical producers known in 90`s. In 2005 he mets the passion of mixing. He does this for the first time on a software on PC. In those years Andrei has played music genres like techno, progressive and dance music. 2006 was the first year of production for Blatancy, afterwards in 2009 has been released the first digital release to a label from Romania, genres like minimal and techno, genres promoted even now by him and more like tech-house, deep, dub-tech and micro-house, also musical genres mixed in local clubs or promotional mixes.