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 - Bienmesabe


On 2002, Victor Ezcurdia (Vazik) and Carlos Techachal (Jabba) started to create this project. Melting the styles that both love. On 2003 they publish their first track “Comboriuguen” and since then the releases haven’t stopped.In the last 3 years they have improved a very solid, unique and powerful style, traveling all around Mexico performing amazing live sets, another fact that has positioned them as one of the main progressive acts in their country.From vynils to cds, from mp3 to wavs, their music is pretty much everywhere now. They have reached important places in digital stores like BEATPORT and others. Their music is constantly played in radio stations like BEAT 100.9, and they are always cooking new music.They have now everything to become one of the greatest acts not only in their country but worldwide, their authentic sound, quality and charisma are about to take them to the next level, stay tuned and enjoy the delicious sound of Bienmesabe.