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 - Audiosthesia


Audiosthesia: Formed by MSS and HAQUE in 2012.Both grew up in the suburbs of The Hague, Netherlands. Their passion for electronic music started at a young age and was triggered by the classic 90’s house tracks like Speedy J’s - Pullover or Joey Beltram’s Energy Flash. During the 90’s their passion for electronic music grew and by the end of 1998 HAQUE got his first turntables and started DJ- ing. When HAQUE and MSS first met MSS was only familiar with producing electronic sound, rithems and tracks, but after seeing HAQUE play his turntables MSS also started DJ-ing.After a few years of DJ-ing together, MSS got introduced to Final Scratch. He immideately saw great potential in the use of digital soundtracks played back as if it where a vinyl track. He realised that it enabled him to start playing his own productions in his live sets without having them released or pressed on vinyl. MSS picked up his old passion for music production and started working on his first techno tracks. After listening to the first MSS productions HAQUE also started working on his first tracks.After a few years of working together and releasing several tracks both decided it was time to take the next step in their collaboration and blend both their style into one explosive cocktail.Audiosthesia focuses on the darker side of the techno. Their music can be best described as dark, uplifting and hypnotic techno wich stimulates all sences... Buckle up, hold on and enjoy the ride!!!