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BiographyDj Anderson Ribeiro aka ARG ProjectInfluenced by electronic music in the late 80's, aka DJ Anderson Ribeiro ARG Project, used a reference house music and musical aspects, (garage and Chicago house). His first contact with turntables was in 1993.At the time frequented the club "Discovery" (Taboão da Serra - São Paulo Brazil), which was acquired and honed his skills and technical concepts, along with DJs Tuca and Beto. But his experience came the holidays and events that was where he had the freedom to create and take more risks in pick ups .In 2004, he worked as resident DJ at the club (Barge, Santana - SP) remained until the end of 2008.In 2009 Completes Music Production with Reynaldo Braga project owner and Underverse ,Trancephorm, and cast your project (( Project ARG )) to produce their tracksToday Anderson has mixed music often in open air festivals, clubs, closed events, etc.His musical line passes between the Tech House, Techno and Prog house.


Best Of Minimal 2011 - 100 Tracks
Rekardo Rivalo, Clark Davis, Danny Roberts, Dan Chi, Aconite, Massimo Voci, Bifath, Victor Del Guio, Harris Pilton, Secuman, Drama Kids Loco, Tigermaan, Malibu Breeze, Michael Strauss, Mangelt, Ale Flowers, Ron Ractive, Sequence Swiss, Hells Kitchen, Levitium, DJ Runo, Ronix, Shkronk, Victor Montsaint, Carlo Marani, Iggy Miles, Niki Taylor, Martin Selle, Matthew Gold, Cert-8, Dog_off, Dominik Schwarz, Del Valle, Maria Edesse, Mnmlistique, Primal Plant, Ben Quarman, Lab Of Music, Freakbox, Alex Vanni, Pierre Deutschmann, Urgana, Maxime Laffon, Jakob Ryter, Tony Bravo, Mickleen, Mirko Worz, Damien Schwarcz, D-Noise, Jpossan, Ivan Kalmykov, LaBam, Velguin Yamato, Texture, El Fabiiani, Berny Medina, Species Mille, Hiroshi Miyata, Leo R, Haddicts, Mambokid, FecoJimenez, Falke, Vogelbein, Dembowski, San Francisco, Lacek, Arg Project, Toni Cataldi, Xzaltacia, Stephan Funkmann, Craig, R F C L, La Elektronica, Daniel Trüb Schallrauch, Andre Sunrise, Weewtam, Nixitoz, Mario Giordano, Falk Morawitz, Radunz & Leitner, Abcdavid, Katopra, Dormouse, Juergen A. Semmelmann, Luigi Pastore, Karl Simon, Anton Desire, Peter Fran, Jee Groove, Zemek, Diego Palacios, Norma, Tom Keys, Gene Karz, Criztalin, Gedevaan, Feejay, Catmer, Glender, Jetsetta, Andre Kronert, Curd, Dan Chi, Dominik Schwarz, Patrizio Mattei, Magru, Pele, Mafia Mike, Mike Newman, K-Jano, Atari, Legamen, Ross Waldemar, Ben Quarman, Freddy Nice, Boris Ochs, John Kat, Lars Wickinger, Del Valle, Cert-8, Tomika, Pascal Billotet, Decimal Boy, Chris James, Ricardo Motta, Felix Bernhardt, Lauren Benavente, Yakka, Les Patrons, H3lmet, Default Disruptor, Tobias Sternreiter, Sparks Demons, Ron Ractive, Oliver Edwards, Maurice Rambaldi, Nikkolas Research, Teddy Sambuki, Acid Driver, Karl Simon, Madrem, Scheibe, Frederic Lorian
Muenchen | 2011-12-23