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Katana Digital is more then Proud to Presents Road To Fantasy, Album of psytrance talent GaTimo, Timor Prasov & Gal Kanias of Beer Sheba, Israel. This album is a journey like none to many. Set with its own backstory this album shows the best of GaTimo's works. Road to Fantasy is a timeless adventure of complex, deep melodics and high paced full-on morning atmosphere.

Road To Fantasy:
By Danielle Joy and Arian Christopher

In a far away land in a time not so long ago, there lived a girl in a town that was hidden deep in the blackest shadows of the deepest gorge. From the day of her birth, the girl had only known a life of hard work and confinement behind the high, white walls of an impenetrable cube that enclosed her town. The cube was designed to protect the town from the flowers outside that produced a pollen so toxic, a single breath meant certain death. In order to maintain the walls of the cube, it was necessary for the townspeople to turn a giant wheel that stood in the centre of the town, day in and day out, for the rest of time.

One night, the girl slept restlessly in the shadows that the light of the full moon could not reach and slowly a dream began to form. In her dream, she saw a young woman walking toward her through the field of red flowers outside. She watched in awe as the lady's garments shimmered from silver to gold as she walked through the rippling sunlight. When the lady reached her, she held out her cupped hands, and resting inside of them was a flower of the softest pink. Deep within the girl's mind, she heard a voice that she knew belonged to the mysterious lady before her. The woman's voice told her to take the pink flower back with her to grow instead of the red, and in doing this, save the townspeople from their slavery to the white cube.

When the girl awoke, she found herself thinking about her new purpose. Surely there was more to life than just turning the wheel to survive? Surely there was more than just the poisoness flowers, and if there wasn't, what was the point? That day the girl didn't go to her place in the wheel. Instead, compelled by the memory and desire of the dream, the girl made her way to the side of the white cube at the edge of the town. When she reached the edge the girl placed her hands against the wall and imagined the freedom that could exist on the other side. As her hands touched the glass a small crack appeared in the wall and before she knew what was happening, the crack had spread to create a doorway through the wall. The girl stepped into the forbidden land. Stretched out all around her, in the shadow of the great mountain, was an enormous field of red flowers, and even though she was surrounded by their pollen, she was not dead. Bending down the girl picked and inhaled a mouthful of the sweet orange pollen, but still nothing happened. The girl realised that the myth of the flowers had been a trick to keep them trapped and working inside the cube but now, for the first time, the girl was free to walk freely and experience the beauty of the outside. But what most attracted the girl, was the beauty of the sun shining down on the peak a great mountain. It looked like the tip of a golden arrow, pointing high into the heavens. As the girl walked nearer to the base of the mountain, she spotted a pathway spiralled around the mountain a total of nine times until it reached the peak. Filled with wonder and an eagerness to continue her adventure, the girl stepped onto the path and began her journey alone.

The path followed a steady incline that led into a thick green forest. After a time, a breeze began to blow that made the leaves above the girl rustle and whisper to one another. As the girl listened she thought she could hear a voice calling to her from further up the path. The further the girl walked in the direction of the sound, the louder it became. As the sound became clearer the girl could hear the note of panic in the voice as it called for help and she began to run toward it. Before long, the girl came across a small clearing with a large pile of heavy rocks in the centre, and pinned beneath one of these rocks was the leg of a small boy.

The boy looked up at the girl with his large, pleading eyes. Please help me, the young boy said, I was playing and I got trapped. I thought I was going to be stuck here forever. As the girl heard these words she felt a stirring of new feeling deep in her chest. Of course I will help you, the girl replied. Just lie still as I find something to lift these stones. The boy did as he was told while the girl pulled a large branch from the side of the path and began to lever the stones off the young boy. When all of

the stones were removed, the girl took the shawl from her shoulders and bandaged the grazes on the young boy's leg. Thankyou said the young boy, wiping away the last of his tears, please can I come with you. I don't want to be alone out here. The girl took the young boy's hand in hers, and as she did, she felt a warm glow growing within her chest. Of course you can come with me, the girl said, you are my friend now. Turning back towards the path, the two new friends continued on their journey up the mountain.

As the two companions travelled further up the mountain, they noticed a strange sound coming from further along the path. As they moved toward the noise they realised it was the sound of something splashing in the water. As the girl and the young boy headed toward the noise they came upon a wide river that was full of thick blue vines, and in the middle of these vines was a man struggling to keep his head above the water. Help me, the man called out as he saw the pair approaching, I'm drowning. The girl ran down to the edge of the water and held out her arm but the man had drifted well beyond her reach. Help me, the man called out again, and this time the girl realised that the man was being pulled downstream. The girl began to jog along the bank when she spotted a large tree hanging over the water that gave her an idea. Grab onto a vine, the girl called out, pointing to the tree. Pick up a vine and throw it around that branch. The man picked up one of the fat blue vines and looked back at the girl. The man was gaining speed and had almost reached the overhanging branch. Now, the girl yelled, Throw the vine over the branch. Do it now! Still struggling to keep his head above water, the man threw the blue vine with one hand while he held onto the end with the other. Just as the girl had hoped, the vine wrapped around the low hanging branch, leaving the man safely bobbing at the other end. Now pull yourself in, the girl called out. The man did what the girl said and soon found himself coughing and catching his breath on the bank of the river. The girl and the young boy walked over to the man asked if he was alright. Yes, said the man, thanks to you. The girl smiled and shook her head, I barely did anything, she said, you saved yourself. Then the two friends became three.

As the group of three travelled higher up the mountain, the woods began to grow sparse and the air began to thin. Soon the friends found themselves climbing and edging their way up the narrowing path. All around them grew a cloud so thick that they could barely see each other. From somewhere deep within the cloud, a piercing cry rang out that was followed by a thunderous beat like a giants heart. The thunderous sounds seemed to be coming from high above them so the group huddled together and pressed against the cliff, sheltering in the rocky overhangs. As the group watched, a giant eagle descended from the sky, clearing away the thick cloud with its huge wings. The friends all held their breath as the eagle landed gracefully over its nest where it began to tend to a giant purple egg. Too afraid to move, the trio held their position and watched as the eagle settles into a restless sleep. Trapped in their hiding place, the friends waited as the grey light faded and the eagle tossed and turned in its nest. As night fell, the group was woken by a voice calling out from the direction of the eagle, a voice that could only be coming from inside the purple egg. As the night turned from black into the cloudy grey light of day, the eagle finally stirred. After stretching and preening its huge wings, the eagle gave another unearthly cry before diving from its nest and soaring away on the morning breeze. Seeing their chance to rescue the poor soul inside of the egg, the group moved into action. Following a plan that they had formed while the eagle had been sleeping, they rolled the large purple egg out of the nest and replaced it with a giant stone. When they were safely back at their hiding place, they picked at the egg with sharp stones until they were able to release the old woman that had been captured and trapped inside. Before they had a chance to celebrate their victory, the eagle had returned, carrying a Ram in its claws. The group of four held each others hands as the bird inspected the large stone before eventually deciding that everything was as it should be. When the bird had eaten its meal, it fell asleep and the four friends continued their journey.

By the time they reached the peak of the mountain the clouds had started to thin. As the day

brightened, the girl noticed some strange markings carved into the stone in the side of the mountain, and upon closer inspection, looked like they were outlined by a large stone door. The girl searched for a handle or a key hole but could find none. As the group puzzled over the markings, the girl noticed that the tear shaped markings had been coated in a faded red paint that made them look like three little flames. That was it, thought the girl, and explained to her three companions that the door required fire in order to open. Sadly, none of them had a means to create a fire and there was no wood that high up on the mountain. The young boy sat down to think, tracing his fingers through the dust, but as he did so, his hand touched on something smooth and cold. As the boy brushed away the dust, a stack of three, thin silver plates was revealed. The man suggested that maybe the plates had something to do with the door and everyone agreed but none could figure out exactly how the plates worked. At that moment, a sunbeam broke the grey light and reflected light off one of the plates in a blinding beam. The old woman said that she had an idea about opening the door and explained her plan to the others. In the rising light, the young boy, the man and the old woman each took a silver disc and held them at such an angle that each one reflected a beam of golden light onto the magical door. As soon as the final beam hit its intended destination, the stone door dissolved into a shining portal of light. Amazed at what he was seeing, the young boy lowered his disc and almost immediately the stone reappeared. Again, the boy raised his disc and again the stone vanished. It was obvious that only the girl could go on, after all, she was the one that had helped them. With a tearful, but joyous farewell, the girl stepped through the portal of light and into the unknown.

As she walked through the portal, the girl found herself in a space filled with a blinding white light, and through this light emerged a young lady in a dress spun from pure gold. As the young lady walked closer, the girl saw that this lady looked exactly the same as she did. The young lady came closer to the girl, taking the girls hands and cupping them together. As the girl watched, between her own palms a pale pink flower bloomed. Inside her head the girl could hear the young lady speaking to her in a voice that sounded very much like her own. The voice said, you are my dream and they are yours. When you wake them up you will awaken yourself. The young lady lowered her forehead to meet with the forehead of the girl, and as they touched, everything faded to black. When the girl awoke she found herself back in the field of red flowers, but instead of her old work dress, she was wearing a golden gown that shone silver in the moonlight. Ahead of her lay the white cube that contained the city, and a the girl looked down at the pink flower between her palms, she knew what she had to do.