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Hi folks, this time we present you label head Ben Teufel with his debut EP on Antura. The EP contains two original Tech House tracks and four great remixes from Basti Grub, Matt Keyl, Luca Donzelli and Stop File. supported by: Guti, Riva Starr, Lee Curtiss, Stacey Pullen, Sidney Charles, Sasch BBC, Danilo Vigorito, Michel De Hey, Emanuel Satie, Paco Osuna, Bimas, Macromism, Marko Nastic, Piemont, Manchester Global Radio, Ltzenkirchen, Someone Else, Matthew Dekay, Cipy, Pedro Mercado, Figueroa, David Durango, Hermanez, Outstrip, John Jacobsen (Pacha Ibiza), Paolo Bartolomeo, Amine Edge, Claudio Coccoluto, Angelo Ferreri, Prudo, Richie Santana, Ramiro Lopez, Broombeck, Moodymanc, Keith John, Wade, Dela, Oscar L, Horatio, Jules & Moss, Eddy Romero, Carl Bee, Julio (Italy), Collective Machine, Robot Needs Oil, Dan Nol, Will Monotone, Alex Miles, Maximiljan, Mike Trend, Miky J (Snatch! Rec), Sascha Riot, The Deepshakerz, Chicks Luv Us, A++, Mario Aureo, Alejandro Fernandez, Alessan Main, Alessio Collina, Angelo Draetta, Antoni Bios, Brothers In Progress, Camiel Daamen, Cassandria Daiva, Cristiano Cellu, CrowdKillers, Daniel Derek, Darkrow, David Phillips, De La Maso, Donato Bilancia, Fabier, Fabio Neural, Francesco Tarantini, Imerio Vitti, Ioakim Sayz , Ittetsu , Jean Bressan, Joee Cons, Julien Loreto, Jullien Polewka, Just A Mood, Kaiq, Kenny Brian, Kid Ali, Kunda, Larry Peters, Lorenzo Silvano, Luca Maniaci, LucaP, Ludvan Allan, Marco Cuba, Marco Poggioli, Marco Zorano, Markus Wesen, Massimo Cassini , Massimo Girardi, Mathias (Italy), Matt Keyl, Mik Santoro , Minlab, Nick Daring, Okabi, Philip Arruda, Phuture Phunk, Puce, Reelow, Roberto Apodaca, Sandro Beninati, Saso Recyd, Son-Tec, Sonartek, Sven Kerkhoff, Tunnel FM (Ramiro Filipe), Youcef Elaid Feedback: A++: Great remix from Matt! (910) Alejandro Fernandez: Matt Keyl for me (810) Alessan Main: Amazing (810) Alessio Collina: Basti Grub Remix! (810) Alex Miles: What a great ep! Well done guys! (810) Amine Edge: Thx (710) Angelo Draetta: Luca Donzelli remix for me ... 100%% Techno Stuff ! (910) Angelo Ferreri: Nice, thx for promo (710) Antoni Bios: Great EP Thanks will try out! (810) Bimas: Nice remixes by Stop File and Luca Donzelli, well done, I will try. Thanks. B. (810) Broombeck: Basti's and Luca's remixes for us, thanks! (810) Brothers In Progress: Ben Teufel - Gran Cassa (Original Mix) for us...Thx (810) Camiel Daamen: Matt Keyl remix and the Luca Donzelli remix for me! (710) Carl Bee: Basti Grub Remix & Stop File remix are Cool :) Support THANK YOU (910) Cassandria Daiva: Great release (910) Chicks Luv Us: Matt Keyl for us. Thanks for the promo =) (610) Cipy: Ben Teufel - Gran Cassa is nice tnx C. (610) Claudio Coccoluto: Great Pack, thanks (810) Collective Machine: Wow! Very nice ep! Full support (1010) Cristiano Cellu: AMAZING EP, the original are both really strong, the remix are all really nice..I'll play all the EP for sure... however big up for my friend Luca! Full Support! (1010) CrowdKillers: Well rounded ep. Lucas' remix is on fire! Also Matt Keyl and Stop File remixes are badass. (910) Dan Nol: Basti Grub's remix is da bomb thanks a lot. Support (910) Daniel Derek: Nice one!thank you (710) Danilo Vigorito: Nice!!! (710) Darkrow: Downloading thanks (610) David Durango: Basti Grub is the one for me (510) David Phillips: I like this a lot. Ben and Basti did a very good job. Thx guys. Best David (810) De La Maso: Full support (910) Dela: SOLID release. Digging Matt Keyl's. Thanks! (810) Donato Bilancia: Great Pack, will try it out tonight! (710) Eddy Romero: Matt as always straight to the point will play and Support ! (810) Emanuel Satie: Damn!! That Luca Donzelli rmx is sick! full support! (910) Fabier: Nice tracks (610) Fabio Neural: Luca Donzelli & Stop File rmx for me (710) Figueroa: Basti Grub & Donzelli remixes are dope, support. (910) Francesco Tarantini: Great package and full support to the boss from me.. (910) Guti: download for Guti (710) Hermanez: Awesome release, tnx (910) Horatio: I like Gran Cassa original and Remember the Days original (1010) Imerio Vitti: Matt Keyl remx for me !!!!!!!!! (610) Ioakim Sayz : Support! (810) Ittetsu: Basti remix for me (810) Jean Bressan: Matt Keyl remix is nice..thanks (610) Joee Cons: Excellent EP. Too many great tracks on this release! Full support!! (910) John Jacobsen (Pacha Ibiza): Nice sound!!! good job (610) Jules & Moss: Really nice release ! A lot of tracks are interesting and well produced. Will play. Hard to choose a favorite... (810) Julien Loreto: Good release. Luca Donzelli and Stop File remix will work in my sets. thx :) (810) Julio (Italy): Luca Donzelli and Stopfile remix for me ! (710) Jullien Polewka: Wow perfect release :) Thanks (710) Just A Mood: Matt Keyl for us! (810) Kaiq: Solid ep!! my fav. are Donzelli and Stop File remixes, thank you! (910) Keith John: Luca Donzelli and Matt Keyl Remixes work for me.. (710) Kenny Brian: Oh yes, amazing ep... Full support, great tracks thanks you :: (810) Kunda: "Great EP! We will try some tracks. thanks" (810) Larry Peters: Good music! thanks (710) Lee Curtiss: support for Gran Cassa Original (610) Lorenzo Silvano: La Fiesta is here! Good sound (910) Luca Maniaci: Yeeeah... amazing release!! full support (810) LucaP: Great pack thanks ;) (610) Ludvan Allan: Basti's work wins here! Love it( 610) LtzenKirchen: Very solid stuff. (710) Macromism: Matt Keyl excelent remix ! love it (910) Marco Poggioli: Remember the Days Luca Donzelli and Stop File are my favorites. (710) Marco Zorano: Great ep with fine remixes from Matt Keyl and Stop File (810) Mario Aureo: Great remix by Matt Keyl - I really like the reduced groove and it fits perfectly to my sets! Thank you for the music! (710) Marko Nastic: Downloading for Marko Nastic. Tnx (710) Markus Wesen: Solid ep with great groove tracks (710) Manchester Global Radio: Great release, love the percussion (910) Massimo Cassini : Nice pack, solid tracks, Basti rmx for me! (710) Massimo Girardi: Stop File for me! thx (710) Mathias (Italy): "Thanks a lot forr these One. Stop File best mix for me ! Good vibes!" (810) Matthew Dekay: For me the Basti Grub remix! Will definitely play this out at BPM. (810) Maximiljan: Luca Donzelli Remix is strong, thx (810) Michel De Hey: Very good stuff here, strong release! (710) Mik Santoro: Nice ep, i'll try some of them for sure! (710) Mike Trend: Great release! Thx (810) Miky J (Snatch! Rec): Downloaded for Miky by Rich while he's away, thnx! (610) Minlab: Basti Grub is a great artist, his remix is really nice. All tracks are good for the dance floor. (710) Moodymanc: Both originals, Basti Grub and Stop File mixes stand out for me thanks! (810) Nick Daring: Luca Donzelli remix for me, thx! (710) Nori Posivision Magazine - Japan: MATT KEYL REMIX is really great. (610) Okabi: Stop File Remix for me !! Thanks for the music !! (610) Oscar L: Thanks (610) Outstrip: great package! (810) Paco Osuna: basti grub rmx for me (610) Paolo Bartolomeo: MATT KEYL REMIX for me. thank you. (610) Philip Arruda: Amazing release. Top job from every producer involved in this release! Will play a bunch fo sho! thx Ben :) (1010) Philipp Ort: Originals for me! Nice work, will play. thx (810) Phuture Phunk: Good tracks. Best one for me is Gran Cassa Matt Keyl remix (710) Piemont: Well done boys... also like Basti's mix. Thx :) (710) Prudo: Will try the Luca Donzelli version. (710) Puce: Nice EP! I'll try them for sure... Many thx for the Music and full support to Antura's Family :-) (910) Ramiro Lopez: Matt Keyl remix for me! thanksss (710) Reelow: Matt Keyl rmx for me, but the ep is cool. Thank you! (810) Richie Santana: NICE RELEASE! (810) Riva Starr: Thx (610) Robot Needs Oil: Massive sound here! Big up for Ben and his original of Remember The Days its my pick here.. also Stop File Remix both chart & play & Support..many thanks for great music... (1010) Roberto Apodaca: Matt Keyl remix for me thank you :) (710) Sasch BBC: Nice tracks from Ben! thx (710) Sandro Beninati: Basti & Matt Keyl Remix Best !!! (810) Sascha Riot: Nice EP. Basti Grub's remix of 'Gran Cassa' is cool. Also like 'Remember The Days' original and Luca Donzelli remix. Thanks! (810) Saso Recyd: Luca Donzelli Remix got me here (910) Sidney Charles: Matt Keyl and Luca Donzelli Remix are dope! thx! (710) Someone Else: All 3 versions of the title track are nice. might try it out. (810) Son-Tec: NIce release. Basti & Stop File remix for me. thank you! (710) Sonartek: Matt Keyl Rmx is nice, thx for the music! (610) Stacey Pullen: Cool thanks (510) Sven Kerkhoff: Nice EP from Ben ! Both Originals are nice but Basti Grub makes it :-) Will Try (810) The Deepshakerz: Stop file's remix is shakin' :) thx (710) Tunnel FM (Ramiro Filipe): "Basti Grub and Matt Keyl remixes. Thank you"(810) Wade: "Matt Keyl and Luca Donzelli Remixes are nice for me, thanks W" (810) Will Monotone: Like the Basti Grub & Luca remixes will try out thanks (710) Youcef Elaid: Remix of Luca Donzelli for me , thanks (710)