Yoyopcman Malefique's

■ DJ MUSIC COMPOSER MUSIC PRODUCER COMPOSER & PRODUCER IT ALL STARTS WHEN I WORKED FOR AKIMICHIMIX RECORDS IN A ROW 2014 I LEFT AKIMICHIMIX RECORDS. TO CREATE MY PRODUCTION LABEL IN A ROW I CREATED KINGSTON TROPICAL RECORDS IN 2014 WITH DJPOPCMAN & DJ JOHN AKIMICHIMIX & DJ KTR AKIMICHIMIX! JUNE 20, 2018: DJ YOYOPCMAN & DJ POPCMAN DECIDED TO DEFINITELY FARM KTWI RECORDS! OCTOBER 20, 2015 I CREATED KCS SOLEIL DES TROPIC WITH DJ PHEMIX. Since January 22, 2018, I decided to get back into house & electro and techno music because I missed it. Since then I’ve been back in aka Mr Maleficent mode. I thought Change evolved January 27, 2018! In Yoyopcman Malefique’s, 11 February 2018. I Decided To Change The Name Of My Advent Prod It Was Ktr Musik But Now It’s

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