Singer songwriter, Hedia Saïdani, a.k.a Hedioucha, was born in Algiers, in the spring of 1987. She grew up with a multi- instrumentalist father and a mother with a unique and powerful voice. They were the reason behind her "Melomania". At the age of 16, she discovered Goth Metal and was seduced by the music of Evanescence, she was always singing "Bring me to life" and was often complimented on her performance, which gave her the necessary confidence to start the musical journey she's lived until today. In 2003, Hedioucha moved with her family to Doha, Qatar, which restrained her musical sustainability. Few years later, she started writing songs but were left with no music, then she discovered technology, and musical applications, and at the age 18, she composed and wrote her first

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