(Alias: Twisted/RaveEcho) I have been producing my own music since 2019, with genres of ambient, breakbeat, techno and 90s oldskool inspired music & have a love of doing remixes also. I contacted an old friend Paul aka SiC online through lockdown of March 2020, started collaborating (via file transfer of stems) & producing a few tracks before joining up as a duo. Our collaborative style is deep, ethereal, and cinematic breaks & breakbeat, infusion of 90s oldskool influences along with trancey, tribal techno. We signed up with the label Safe As...Records in 2021 & have been showcased on a compilation album The After Party: vol 1 with our debut track Lockdown with the label. Our debut E.P. I've Found Dan was released on 12/11/21 & we had several

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