Toys Voice

Ond ej affek AKA TOYS VOICE - music project, valve, reaction... music takes an important place in my life.
I was interested on electronic music and mix it since 2002 ...a beautiful period. I was Frodo ... Dj Frodo from formation SOUTHWORK. I played in famous club in Prague.
Since 2006 I was interested about my production. Things like "I'll tell you the story", "Dance - Remix", "Afrocid", "I say ooh" are my trip to another planet:-) I'm still there... In 2019 I released my rst two EP’s „Disrupter” and „Saw and other tools”. In 2020 I founded together with my buddy Jakub Uksa AKA DJ Canobee the label Critical Flow.
Like a TOYS VOICE got close to the sound of analog synths and other instruments where analog audio distribution prevails - I

Latest Releases