Toru S.

Toru S. (1988-2013 Dec.2nd) S. is a hot and fancy Japanese producer, remixer and dj of ”HOUSE MUSIC”. Toru S. started his music life with playing classical guitar at the age of 10 getting the education of his mother who was a professional classical guitarist.And around early 80's his mother has been attracted by jazz drum and this made Toru S. much influenced by those kinds of music. In his collage days Toru was pushed into a member of breakdance circle of the collage and played as a hip hop dj against his will. Someday Toru heard of Satoshi Tomiie who was his contemporary at Waseda Univ. and got famous in the world for his big tune "Tears" with "Godfather of house music" Frankie Knuckles. This took Toru to

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