His name is Artyom Kolmogorov Leonidovich, he composes electronic dance music under the pseudonym RILLFATCT.Born February 6, 1992 in the past little-known DJ (dj-APT), now Electricity musician under the Pseudonym RILLFACT. Artem fan of lyrical and instrumental music quickly delving into the basics of dance music with a DJ , promoter Borisenko Vitaly Alexandrovich. Another collaboration with a professional musician and DJ in one person Uoniy known as DJ ST EP, write a lyric , the original with the title track and the sky does not hear us Hip-hop/Rap style. Popularity grew , developed its own listeners and fans at the same time he did not stop , and in 2013 released the album RILL of FACT. He remains with the nick - dj-APT and recorded several albums that are

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