MDT Vision

Enter the mesmerising world of MDT Vision, where Super-Sonic meets Vivid-Vision. Originating from Nottingham, England - MDT Vision’s ‘Future NOW’ sound, fuses current and iconic styles – Drawing inspiration from the vibrant dance music culture of the 1990s and 2000s, where his musical journey first took root. Immersed in the iconic club nights of Gatecrasher, Passion, and Sundissential, MDT Vision witnessed the birth of trance and fell in love with the eclectic sounds that defined the era. With a musical palette spanning from trance and hard house to melodic techno and electro house, MDT Vision's DJ sets became the stuff of local legend, setting the stage for his evolution into a boundary-pushing artist. Beyond the realm of music, MDT Vision's creative vision extends into the visual arts, shaping captivating experiences that transcend the

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