MAREEKMIA (Igor Markov) was born and has grown in Belarus, has finished in 2001 a grammar school with a bias on foreign language (German).Since the childhood dreamed of career of the musician has waited the dream to write the music just now to 25 years.... Loves quiet, weakening music in styles Ambient, Electronica, Downtempo, Trance...The only thing, that pleases me, that he went to dream of 20 years, and the dream has come just now, but he has not receded... Has waited dream... But he has simply firmly decided to work making friends with a sound.Me does not know, why to me so road NEW AGE,INST RUMENTAL, LOUNGE, CHILLOUT, DOWNT EMPO, AMBIENT, ELECTRONICA, TRANCE music, probably it goes from my pure heart, but that i have already defined the style,

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