EN //Hitchild aka Guillaume Lillo, is a disc-jockey and french music producer, based in Paris.His first album "At Home" is a mix of electronic sounds and acoustic instruments.His inspiration is multiple, coming from the 80s pop rock ballads through the music of movies and dancefloor tracks, mixed by the DJs of today.Between symphonic orchestration and rhythm club, this album is resolutely modern, and at the same time, timeless.Available in a hundred countries via thirty platforms such as iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify or Deezer and Qobuz.FR //Hitchild alias Guillaume Lillo, est un disc-jockey et producteur de musique français, basé à Paris.Son premier album « At Home » est un mélange de sonorités électroniques et d’instruments acoustiques.Son inspiration est multiple, venant des balades pop rock des années 80 en passant par les

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