Error 401

Error 401 emerges as a genre-defying electronic maestro hailing from the vibrant heart of Manchester, UK. With a global sonic sojourn spanning Australia to Germany, Error 401 crafts an eclectic blend of House, Indie Dance, Synthwave, Italo Disco, and New Wave, drawing inspiration from luminaries like Chemical Brothers, Gerd Janson, Human League, and Todd Terje. Fuelled by his interest of vintage sounds, his music is a timeless fusion of industrial textures, atmospheric depth, and warehouse grit, encapsulating the spirit of retro while propelling it into the future. As a genre non-conformist, Error 401's sonic creations transcend boundaries, offering a limitless dancefloor where nostalgia meets innovation. From Manchester's rain-soaked streets to dance capitals worldwide, Error 401's evolving sound paves an entrancing path towards the ever-expanding horizons of electronic music.

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