Culttastic is the solo project of Kiev-born, NYC-based, electro-pop producer-songwriter Alisa Nizhniy. Culttastic marks her pristine sound with futuristic production and hypnotic hooks. She writes and performs comfortably across languages and genres, from Russian to Japanese, from J- pop to witch house.Her remixed dark drag cover of Cali Swag District’s "Teach Me How to Dougie" stirred a buzz among indie dance blogs. In November of 2011, Culttastic rose to international acclaim when she was named MTV Iggy’s Artist of the Week. In October 2012, Culttastic independently released the dual J- Pop / witch house single "I’m the Night."In late 2013, Culttastic released the indie dance single "M- Theory" worldwide on TuneDome Records. The dark club- pop anthem features her seductive, gliding melodies filled with crystal vocal glitches, expanding into spatially

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