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WEBNOISEARTWe love electronic music.WebNoiseArt that Matthew and Joseph Balzano, two brothers who live in the beautiful Cagliariisland of Sardinia.We have always loved playing and since childhood, and early 90'swe are dedicated to creating electronic music.We started with cars like the 'Amiga 500 and with software likeOctamed, sound cards "PCMCIA" for sampling, up to today's technology, where we use both hardware and software.Roland Mc505, 909 Groove Box, Cool Edit, Cubase, Sound ForgePro 10 synth Roland D110, Lexicon,Akai, SonarX1 are some of the tools the team uses. In view of DJ's have worked from the years 1990 to 2004, during which the advent of new styles such as Drum and Bass, the BreakBeat, Trip Hop, the 'Acid Jazz, Acid House music has influenced our conception and our productions.The musical creations begin individually and then have a 'mark of the "TEAM".Joseph, in particular experiments,, researching and testing new sounds that evolve as a team.Matthew is responsible for creating, using software, writing and firstrec.We love to collaborate and interact with other musicians, DJ's,lovers of 'mail because we believe that musically and stylistically to grow not ever end. WebNoiseArt