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 - Urban Fluxus


Labels:1. Bugs N Stuff.2. Pixelated waves. 3. CityForm Records.Urban Fluxus is an electronic music producer from Malaysia.The name “Fluxus” Is taken from the international network of artists.It is a concept of the Noise Art, Visual Art, Paint, Literature, Urban Planning and Architecture. It is and idea is to produce Avant-Garde Art in Electronic music.“Monochromatism” is used to describe the foundation of Urban Fluxus music. It means simplicity, and with Minimal Techno being chosen as it main genre of choice to implement the ideas.Urban Fluxus music is about the sound of experimental with innovative works of art from different fields and expressing the music through sounds, structures, motions, simplicities and the varieties of randomness.When it comes to DJ sets. Urban Fluxes aims to educate his crowd with his expressions of ideas in art, such as the art of architecture and random noise sounds within his music.