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 - Tom Lewis


Tom Lewis, started his musical development at en early age of 9, learning piano and guitar. Started playing Metal music in 1999 and quickly went into other directions as an open minded music lover. Began DJ'ing electronic music in 2001 and shortly after, started organizing parties too under the name ofDifferent Beat Productions (db). Tom's never ending journey for new sounds and textures brought him to learn Sound Engineering and in 2007, got his first diploma for Sound and Acoustics at "Kinneret College". In the mean time, Tom worked as the A&R of Echoes Records for 2 years, and after that decided to move into a new direction with Mark Finkel & Eliran Slider and together opened a Label called Hightunes Records. On all of that, Today he is working constantly as a freelancer sound engineer in Recordings, Mix and Mas t e ring and also working as a tour manager for artists that "Hadran LTD" is bringing to Israel (worked with bands such as: Porcupine Tree, Jethro Tull, Scorpions, MegaDeth, Dream Theater, The Doors and much more...) In his spare time, Tom is making his own music in his private professional studio and DJ'ing in parties and festivals around the world. His tunes and sets are very different and varied because he is taking his inspiration from a lot of music styles. To make long things short, we advise you to open your mind and check him out...For Bookings and Licenings: