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 - Tobias.


Tobias.—an unassuming enough name (and note the spelling, please: that's Tobias., period!). But his productions are anything but understated: Street Knowledge, Dial, Balance, I Can't Fight The Feeling and of course his latest release on Perlon, She - these are the recordings that have animated dance floors and enthralled critics over the past several years. Not to mention remixes for the likes of Efdemin, Los Updates, Two Armadillos, Russ Gabriel, D'Julz and more, all cumulating in a slew of releases for era-defining imprints like Perlon, Cadenza, Bpitch, Wagon Repair, OstGut Ton, Liebe Detail, Circus Company, Simple and Buzzin' Fly. As minimal techno has risen and fallen, as deep house has gone from guilty pleasure to crate staple, Tobias. has worked steadily away, synthesizing elements from decades of electronic experimentaion into one of the most distinctive styles in contemporary electronic dance music.