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 - Th Moy


After some time of communication with this musician, you unwittingly agree with the saying that “true talent is always very modest”. He doesn’t like to speak about himself – it’s such a rare feature nowadays! Almost nothing is known about this young producer hiding under a mysterious name TH MOY, but we managed to find out something. TH MOY is from a Spanish city of Girona. He has been into techno since he was 18, he tried out various genres: trance, progressive house, tech house, minimal. Since he was 22, his style became harder as progressive and electro. His sound is notable for its smooth purity, depth and grace. His matching of instruments and timbres in his tracks is so perfect that while listening to his works and enjoying them, you think “This is the real sound!” TH MOY is a great remixer, his collaboration with a singer and songwriter Alfida was a huge success for both.