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The nickname Styller is an alias for Branislav Klinko – a producer, born in December 1983 in the heart of Europe – Slovakia. He‘s hit the scene with a remix of „Naiad“ for a Slovakian project Domased Electronica, which came out on the 2nd of June 2008 on Hungarian label Tilth Music. Remix got huge success within the progressive community. In 2009 he released more remixes on labels such as Silk, Morphosis or Ocean Drive, which confirmed Styller to be an universal and quality remixer. His rework of Domased Electronicas „Dewpoint“ was his first trance track that has made it to Beatport‘s Trance Top 100. Encouraged by its success he‘s finally decided to head towards his own trance productions. In 2010 he started to collaborate with Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic, with whom he‘s been friends already. Soon after their agreement Styller’s first official EP – „What Happen Once“ was released, followed by more remixes. Massive male vocals in „We Will Fade“ by Michael Burns a.k.a Blue Haze made it the one, he‘s the most proud of. In 2011 Styller released his second EP – „Escape Velocity“ – containing vocals of his friend Suzanne Isis. Often played by many of the big names of the scene earned for Styller the status of „another huge talent coming out of Eastern Europe“. 2012 also a break trough year in his career, as he becomes a part of Coldharbour Recordings, label run by Markus Schulz. Coldharbour – part of Armada Music – is one of the top progressive trance labels in the world. In his own words:” It’s an privilege to be a part of this brand. One of my biggest dreams regarding music came true. The dark sound of Coldharbour is exactly, what I’ve always been going for”. Markus Schulz has also selected two of Styllers tracks for his upcoming and long-awaited compilation Los Angeles ’12. Right after the LA'12 compilation Coldharbour Recordings released the "All That Remains / Quantum Mechanics" EP, with excellent remix by Basil O'Glue, which immediately invaded all relevant Trance charts. It's been followed by another LA'12 track - remix of Danilo Ercole's "Quasar" a month later - in April 2012 . Styller and Basil O'Glue founded their own label - Saturate Audio - in September of 2012. Their head off track - Saturated - was heavily supported by many of the largest DJ's on the scene. Even though the label is still a fresh newcomer to the scene, it's already got many followers and fans, and all of it's releases regularly make it to Beatport‘s Trance Top 100. So, what‘s typical for Styller‘s productions? New, unheard melodies, with a touch of melancholy, greatly executed rhythmic and strong emotions, that altogether come out in well-knit trance tracks. He‘s trying for his music to fit both club and home listening. Discover the TRANCE, that has value and is not just another cheap, mainstream track, that doesn‘t last one summer.


Trance Top 100, Vol. 14
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