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 - Soulbassers


SoulBassers are two young electronic music producers; they ́ve focused their musical tastes in genres like House, Tech house, Funky Techno and Techno. Both born in Mexico; they have become positioned in the world electronic music scene with their favorite genre which is Funky Techno.Each of them have their own projects, Ernesto is a House Music producer and Dohko (Julio) makes also his own music wich he gives away and you can listen to through (MR). Julio was born in Acapulco, Guerrero, to then move to Colima, where he met Ernesto in 2010, he had a bit of this old school groove, Ernesto got interested in it so then they realized they could make good music together.They started with creating a bit of PSY-TRANCE, but the normal progression of music, lead them to create something like 125-128 bpm. Soulbassers is a mix of 70 ́s sounds with a powerful contemporary techno sounds; combined with Dohko ́s ideas and Ernesto ́s production experience, Soulbassers have started to get positioned along with some important names in Techno actually.Soulbassers has been supported by artists like PHNTM, NIKO VITANO, CHRISTIAN CAMBAS and MAXIMUS BELLINI, to mention a few. Stay tuned with their next productions!