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 - Solco


Curiously passioned about music, Mathias Sourbron started at a young age checking out his fathers vinyls.He felt in love with disco, funk & jazz music, like Jackson 5, Motown, etc.Few years later, after hard work, he bought his first pare of turntables and some vinyls of electronic music.From the beginning he was sold to the fact that one guy can make people feel happy about the music, it is a mood manager and the musician is in controle of it. It brings people together in a different way.Mathias was first known as part of Dj-duo Spearman Rho. Funky, jacking house music was their thing.Now three years later after playing almost in every part in Flanders, abroad in Spain, he wanted more!He has always been interested in sounds and the way they come together.The way a specific sound can make people dance and give them a feeling.Without any music education it was not obvious to learn to make his own sounds.He developed a passion for more bass, UK funky, garage influenced house music.Nowadays makes housy tunes, with deep basslines & soulful, RnB-orientated vocals.His tracks and mixes have had exposure on divers radio channels like Studio Brussels.He had a major year so far by playing on Tomorrowland, Carpe diem beach (Croatia), Bataplan (Spain) Café d'Anvers, Decadance, etc. Last but not least, he became 3th in the ‘45 toeren’ contest, the big contest of Flemisch brabant (Belgium).Solco Ft. Wasiak (Live Sax)After producing a while, Solco was up for more. He got the idea in his head to work out a complete live set.Wasiak, the saxophone, Joined the team. With his smooth jazz background and party modus on is he a perfect new part of the team.At the moment they’re finishing their first tracks together. More, they did a couple of try outs at - Café d’anvers- Marktrock- Play festival (Muziekodroom)- More soon..