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PUNX SOUNDCHECK John Taylor and Harry Clarke are Punx Soundcheck - London’s undisputed heavyweight bass champions; all roads have lead to their true sound, which effortlessly encompasses the different disciplines of global bass - dubstep, drumstep, trap, and the ever-evolving forms of Moombah; as low frequency disciples, it was only natural that Punx Soundcheck became early champions of moombahton, and it's subsequent evolutions.As Punx Soundcheck push forward armed to the teeth with cutting-edge technology (their dj sets now incorporate serious hardware to push the realms of sonic possibilities), their fourth album "I Feel Zombie" is about to drop on Hottwerk Records. Punx Soundcheck are surging forward bringing the future music to NOW. Punx Soundcheck continue to blaze a trail through the bass music scene.As one of London's most highly respected DJ crews, the Punx Soundcheck sound has been represented in clubs and at festivals all over the world with breathtaking DJ sets, and they have built a fiersome reputation as producers and remixers. Their releases on Hottwerk Records and the Arcade Pony label have been played across the globe by the worlds biggest DJs and radio shows, and their bang-on- the-money remixes have cemented their position as the go- to guys for a sure fire bass heavy rerub.